Clay Sculpture: The Spaceman Waiting for Pickup…

Perhaps the crew got lost? There aren't enough hours in the day is my favourite excuse to justify why I seem to only get round to making about one creative project a year. Even so, I'm very happy with how this turned out! I made this spaceman from a block of white clay that I... Continue Reading →

A Moment on Age: Expectations and Realities

A Breakdown of the Feelings To say the least, I've never welcomed the inevitable beckon of age. This is because the older I get, the more I seem to feel behind in my life. Although I'm almost 24 years young, each upcoming birthday always forces me to reflect intensely, then bluntly wonder, what have I... Continue Reading →

Drawing: “Logged Off”

Initial Ideas This drawing was made with colouring and shading pencils, as well as Fineliner pens. An area I wanted to focus on was the depth - I've never really learned about shading or perspective too much so wanted to try and build on this. On the right was my first rough idea, which developed... Continue Reading →

A Drawing: Dreaming Moai

The Magic of the Moai Here's a drawing of a (pouty) Easter Island Moai, contemplating deeply within a magical vortex 😉   I sketched this head with a set of shading pencils, then later added the background, mostly with Fineliner pens. I found some snazzy glittery gel pens that I'd had probably since I was 12... Continue Reading →

The Broccoli Tree! An Introduction

Hello, Welcome to my blog! I am not a frequent poster, but from time to time I share my experiences as well as anything creative I make 🙂 I'm a passionate reader and writer, though it's been a while since I invested some time into practising. My present goal is to expand further in my... Continue Reading →

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