Drawing: “Logged Off”

Initial Ideas and Aims This drawing was constructed with colouring and shading pencils, as well as Fineliner pens. One of my main aims was to work on a more accurate sense of depth by trying to achieve more realistic perspective lines, shading and lighting. On the right was the preliminary idea, which I used as a... Continue Reading →


A Drawing: Dreaming Moai

The Magic of the Moai Here's a drawing of a (rather pouty) Easter Island Moai, who is contemplating deeply within a magical, dreamlike vortex 😉   I sketched the head with a set of shading pencils, then later added the background mostly using Fineliner pens. I found some snazzy glittery gel pens that I'd had at... Continue Reading →

The Broccoli Tree! A Glamorous Introduction

Greetings! Allow me to present to you a most wholehearted welcome to this blog! You have stumbled upon none other than The Broccoli Tree *applause!*. There will be compelling posts, covering a diverse array of topics! Reviews on games to thoughts on books. A mixture of true anecdotes as well as creative fictional writing. All... Continue Reading →


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